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Ion Exchange Water Softener Systems

The second step in total home water management is ion exchange (cation or anion). A whole-house water softener can help remove dissolved minerals that make your water “hard” and improve its quality. So whether you’re looking to reduce scum buildup, soften your clothes or even be healthier, our ion exchange water softener solutions—using cation and anion exchange systems—can help.


Soap Scum, Mineral Deposits, Rust Stains?

When left alone, hard water causes dry skin and hair, faded clothing, rings and stains on bathroom fixtures and streaking on dishes and glassware. Additionally, iron and manganese dissolved in your water can lead to potential health complications. The problems caused by dissolved minerals can have a big impact not only on day-to-day living but also on your wallet.

Cation Exchange Water Softeners

Kinetico ion exchange water softeners efficiently remove harmful minerals and metals dissolved in your water, including calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, lead, radium and more. They operate by attracting minerals and metals in the water to negatively charged resin beads inside the water softener tanks. The resin beads are then flushed of these minerals in a process called regeneration, so the process can start all over again. This critical regeneration process occurs in treated water so the minerals don’t contaminate the equipment, making for a more effective exchange process.

A Kinetico Advanced Water Systems dual-tank softener can deliver even more benefits that you can see and feel, including:

  • No more soap scum on dishes and glassware after running the dishwasher
  • Less time spent cleaning shower enclosures, sinks and toilets
  • Softer, healthier skin and hair
  • Brighter clothes, towels and linens
  • Increased lifespan of water-using appliances
  • Reduced expenses on soaps, cleansers and detergents
  • Better energy efficiency and reliability with water using appliances
  • Non-electric operation, so you save money and protect the planet all at the same time

Anion Exchange Systems

To remove less common and more undetectable contaminants like uranium, nitrates and sulfates, your water softening system can use positively charged resin beads as opposed to the negatively charged beads mentioned above. Even though the charge of the resin is different, the exchange process remains unchanged.

Kinetico Residential Water Softener Solutions

Kinetico Premier Series 2060s Softener

Kinetico Premier Series Softener

  • Dual-tank softener eliminates hard water minerals efficiently and effectively with 24/7 operation
  • All moving parts operate in soft water which extends equipment life
  • System regenerates based on actual metered water usage, not time, saving money and prolonging resin life
  • High flow rate is designed to keep up with the most demanding households and is perfectly suited for larger plumbing in many homes
  • Non-electric operation cuts costs and protects the environment
  • No computers or timers to adjust, repair or replace
Kinetico Premier Series Combination System Softener/Filtration

Kinetico Premier Series Combination System Softener/Filtration

  • Quad-tank residential system designed for homes with filtration AND softening needs with both systems incorporated into one compact design
  • Commonly used for homes on community well water with hardness minerals, high manganese, and high chlorine
  • Choice of media for filter tanks depending on contaminant issues
  • System retains all the features included in all Premier Series products including non-electric operation, soft-water regeneration, and no computers to adjust, repair or replace

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