Kinetico Premier Series Softener

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Kinetico Premier Series Softener

Our Premier Series Softeners deliver ideal water flow and softness for homes with larger plumbing and/or high water use. Because of their dual-tank design, one tank is always in service when the other is in standby/regenerating. So no matter the time, if you have a house full of guests or are washing multiple loads of laundry, you’ll always have a supply of soft water at the ready.

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Benefits of the Kinetico Premier Series Softener

  • Dual-tank softener eliminates hard water minerals efficiently and effectively with 24/7 operation
  • All moving parts operate in soft water which extends equipment life
  • System regenerates based on actual metered water usage, not time, saving money and prolonging resin life
  • High flow rate is designed to keep up with the most demanding households and is perfectly suited for larger plumbing in many homes
  • Non-electric operation cuts costs and protects the environment
  • No computers or timers to adjust, repair or replace

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