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Water Filtration & Treatment Systems in New Bern, NC

H2O is the most abundant chemical compound available on the planet today. It comprises about 70% of the Earth’s surface. And, while it’s true that water is plentiful, less than 1% of all Earth’s water is freshwater usable by human beings in their homes and businesses. And, in most cases, even this small fraction of usable water suffers from contamination of one sort or another, making it undesirable. Most of it isn’t exactly what you’d want to drink, cook or bathe with — this even includes water that’s been cleaned by a municipal treatment plant.

So, how does a person or business looking for clean, fresh water get it? The answer is by calling the leader in water treatment systems: Advanced Water Systems. AWS, Inc. has been New Bern, NC’s trusted source for highly advanced and efficient water filtration systems, purifiers, RO systems, water softeners and more for over 30 years now — and we are the official dealer and installer of Kinetico® water treatment systems in New Bern, NC and the surrounding areas.

New Bern, NC Reverse Osmosis Systems, Whole-House Water Filters & More

What can our certified water specialists install in your home? Contact us for New Bern, NC:

  1. Water Softeners – Bring softened water into your home and you’ll see and feel the difference right away—from no more staining, soap scum or scaling to softer towels and skin. We offer a comprehensive selection of water softeners with a wide variety of capabilities and patented features like the non-electric control valve—all at prices to fit any budget.
  2. Drinking Water Systems – Provide your family with an unlimited supply of high-quality drinking water right from the tap. From improving the taste of your water to filtering out chemicals, metals or bacteria, we have a system to help you enjoy your water again.
  3. Speciality Water Systems – A number of factors can affect your water and, in turn, your home. Our specialty water treatment systems can eliminate rust or blue-green staining, cloudy water and other water problems.

Essentials of Water Treatment

Kinetico CRS1100 Chloramine and Chemical Reduction System

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems remove the sediment, chemicals and other contaminants that cause water to have an unpleasant taste, smell or cloudy appearance.
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Kinetico Premier Series 2060s Softener

Ion Exchange Water Softeners

Hard water causes dry skin and hair, faded clothing and unsightly deposits on metal appliances. Our Kinetico ion exchange water softeners return water to its crisp, mineral-free state.
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Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station

Water Purification Systems

Save on costly bottled water and refrigerator filters with a purification system. Kinetico drinking water stations let you enjoy better-tasting water for drinking and cooking.
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Free Water Testing in New Bern

We can start the installation process by coming out to your residential or commercial property for a free water analysis. At that point we can identify the issues surrounding your water and provide an appropriate solution.

To receive your free New Bern, NC water test, reach out to Advanced Water Systems, Inc. today at (800) 865-1208.

Meet Your New Bern Kinetico Advanced Water Systems Team

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