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Richmond and Central VA Water Purification

At Advanced Water Systems, for close to three decades, our specialists have installed whole-home and under-sink water filtration systems, water purifiers, reverse osmosis systems and water softeners. We’re passionate about providing pure water to residential and commercial properties throughout the Central VA region and are thrilled to be the Richmond area’s go-to resource for Fixing your water!

Having clean water available in your home or business is an important aspect of the overall health of your family, employees or guests. Technically, anything other than H2O is an impurity, and those contaminants can potentially harm your skin, hair, appliances, health and well-being. We proudly serve the greater Richmond area down to the North Carolina border, and East thru Williamsburg. Our Northern coverage includes Carmel Church and West thru Powhatan, Clarksville and Amelia. We know the specific challenges in all of these areas and have the solutions to Fix Your Water!

Water Purifiers, Filtration Systems & More

The certified water specialists at AWS, Inc. take the guesswork out of selecting a water treatment system. Our process begins with our free water test. Once administered, this analysis will provide the results we need in order to suggest the proper water filter, purification system, reverse osmosis system or water softener that is most appropriate for your home or business.

As the only factory-authorized dealer of Kinetico® water filtration and treatment systems in the area, Advanced Water Systems can install the most reliable, longest-lasting and best-performing filters and purifiers available in the industry today.

Essentials of Water Treatment

Kinetico CRS1100 Chloramine and Chemical Reduction System

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration is a game-changer for water. Remove the sediment, chemicals and other contaminants giving your water a bad taste, smell and/or cloudy appearance.

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Kinetico Premier Series 2060s Softener

Ion Exchange Water Softeners

Dry skin and hair. Faded clothing. Damage to appliances. They’re all signs of hard water, and a Kinetico ion exchange water softener can help.

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Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station

Water Purification Systems

Bottle water and refrigerator filters mean money, money, money. Instead, a Kinetico drinking water station offers a better-tasting experience you can depend on time and time again.

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Kinetico Commercial Water Filtration & Treatment

In addition to our whole-home and residential under-sink options, AWS, Inc. also provides commercial water treatment. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with area restaurants, offices, industrial facilities and more to provide high-quality water for their employees, guests, and clients. Just imagine what AWS, Inc. can do for you!

Customer Reviews
Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews

A smart decision for myself and my family

I am very happy with the Kinetico water system and the expert installation job performed by your company…The Kinetico water treatment system your company installed has been a great improvement to my daughters skin condition. Kinetico has helped me with my dry skin also. I also purchased the drinking water filter system in addition to my whole house system. Having that system added to my kitchen sink has made my life much simpler. Also, I have to be on a CPAP air machine 365 days per year. I no longer have to purchase or store special water to fill my CPAP machine every night! In addition to that…I do enjoy having an ice cold (filtered ice) glass of water at my fingertips. We’re also cooking with clean water.
All in all…the decision to have your water system added to my “life” has been a smart decision for myself and my family.

Doug M. Richmond Area, Kinetico Water System Owner

Now we have crystal clear water

Purchased Oct 2017 and still can’t get over the great experience so just had to share it with you.
Kinetico was able to turn my brown water crystal clear… Paul did a number of tests only to confirm…that “my well was full of iron” (ferrous)”. Additional tests were performed there was also Manganese, Silica, Iron (ferric) and bleach. Every detail was explained in a language I could understand and if I didn’t understand he wouldn’t move on until I did. All in all, I purchased the system which included a sediment filter with reusable cartridges, macrolite combo filter with softener, tank filter for ultra-particles, free drinking water system with a chrome faucet. The agreed upon price was fair. The installation was flawless [and] took 3 hours single-handedly. This was an excellent experience and now we have crystal clear water and a 10-year warranty on parts and labor.

Sandra A. Richmond, VA, Area Kinetico System Owner

Meet Your Richmond Kinetico Advanced Water Systems Team

Paul Gianos

Managing Partner

I started as a Kinetico customer in 2014 while working as a District Manager for one of the country’s largest home improvement companies. I immediately fell in love with the product and saw an opportunity to utilize my background in Mechanical Engineering and project management to assist others with rectifying the same water quality issues I faced. Since 2015, I have been devoted to resolving water issues for thousands of Kinetico customers and have witnessed firsthand how a high quality of water can change people’s lives for the better. No matter how serious the water quality issue is or how complex the resolution may be, Kinetico Advanced Water Systems of Richmond has you covered.