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Kinetico Advanced Water System leads the way in purified water for residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Now, the benefits of purified water are going mobile! 

Our water station rental trailer gives you over 20 gallons of purified water on-the-go. The trailer is available for rent through any of our locations, so that all of your events can have clean drinking water no matter where you are. 

How It Works

Simply rent a unit from your nearest location and pick it up for your set amount of time (it has a handy hitch for towing). After you get it to your desired location, park it and it’s ready to go. Your unit comes with two taps on each side that can be independently accessed. The taps can even be set up to serve cold beer and other liquids!

Just think of the possibilities for your: 

In more serious times of emergency, our rental trailer can also be of service to provide clean drinking water in a high-priority situation. When access to clean, safe water isn’t possible otherwise, a rental unit keeps you covered.  

Enjoy Your Kinetico Experience Wherever and Whenever

Simply contact us online or call your nearest location about renting a water trailer. We’ll be able to provide a comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know and how to reserve one today. 

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