Hard Water vs. Your Water Heater
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Hard Water vs. Your Water Heater

What Hard Water Means and How To Deal With It

Hard water, or water with calcium and other minerals, can cause damage throughout your home. Of all the appliances in your home, your water heater suffers the highest risk from the damaging effects of hard water. This is due to the rapid formation of scale minerals in all parts of the water heater as the water is heated. The damaging effects and energy losses are even more dramatic for tankless water heaters which have become more common. The best way to handle it is a customized softener solution for your home’s needs. Schedule a free consultation today to learn how, or read on to get more info. 

How Hard Water Damages Water Heaters 

Your water heater is in trouble when hard water creates limescale or “scale” (chalky sediment build-ups) in it. All types of water heaters, even tankless ones, can get scale on their base and in their inlets, pipes, lines and more. Scale will also act as an insulator that makes it more difficult for heat to get out of a water heater’s tank. All this can have a lot of negative effects on your water heater, including:

Preventing and Removing Hard Water from Water Heaters

While there are short-term fixes, they won’t solve the core of the issue. Whether it’s flushing or cleaning it out, or lowering its temperature, you’re left with endless maintenance. 

For a permanent fix, a Kinetico Water Softener Solution will attract and get rid of the minerals that create hard water. It’s non-electric and has no screens to adjust or repair, so it’s a hassle-free way to keep costs down. It also means increased appliance efficiency and reliability throughout your home. 

Protect Your Water Heater With a Kinetico Water Softener System

Avoid the expenses and headaches that come with hard water in your water heater. 

A Kinetico water expert can test your water for hardness and ensure you have softer water for years to come.