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Why should I consider water treatment for my home or business?

Water concerns like hard water or contaminated water can lead to cloudy dishes, clothes that aren’t as clean as they could be (or that require more detergent to get clean), dry hair, dry skin, and tap water with a distinct and unpleasant taste.

Water treatment systems remove impurities and chemicals that cause these issues, as well as impurities that may lead to health concerns down the line. In addition, purified water is easier on your home’s plumbing system since the minerals that often build up in pipes are removed before they get into your pipes.

How do you know if you have hard water?

Hard water is water that has a high concentration of minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. It looks like “regular” water, but typically has an unpleasant taste. Other signs of hard water include water spots on your dishes, mineral stains on your clothes, and drier skin and hair. If any of these sound familiar, a water quality consultation is the best way to determine the hardness of your water.

Is hard water bad for you?

Consuming hard water is generally safe and poses no adverse health risks.

How long does a water quality consultation take?

Your in-person water quality consultation involves a water test, which will take approximately 15 minutes. Your entire consultation should take around half an hour.

How will Kinetico Advanced Water Systems determine what my water quality issues are?

During your consultation, your professionally trained Water Quality Consultant will use state-of-the-art water testing equipment to provide the most comprehensive, in-person water testing analysis in the industry. We’ll test for water hardness, pH, iron, manganese, sediment, and more. This allows us to recommend the best water filtration system for your home.

Does Kinetico Advanced Water Systems provide a routine maintenance service to maintain my equipment?

Yes. We consider ourselves your long-term partner, so our job isn’t over after installation. We offer a free post-installation appointment to confirm your system is working properly, ensure you’re happy with your purchase, and answer any remaining questions. If you need maintenance at any time, we offer both self-service to full-service options, including ongoing and as needed maintenance.

Will my water treatment system make noise?

No, your water treatment system will not make noise.

Where is the most ideal place to install my water treatment equipment?

The best place to install your water treatment equipment is at or near the point where water enters your home. For most people, this is near their water heater. During your free water analysis, your Water Quality Consultant will help determine the most ideal place for your water treatment system.

Can you install a whole house water filter outside?

Yes! Our water treatment equipment is typically installed in the garage or outdoors, whichever is closest to the water point of entry.

I have a filter in my refrigerator for my drinking water. Is this sufficient for my family?

Many people assume a water filter in their refrigerator is sufficient, but hard water impacts more than just the water we drink. Hard water can contribute to dry hair and skin, and may even exacerbate skin conditions like eczema. Water with a high mineral content can also lead to clothes and dishes that aren’t as clean as they could – or should – be. A whole home water treatment system can have a positive impact on the water you drink, cook with, and wash your clothes, hair, and body with.

I am on municipal (city) water. Do I still need water treatment?

Many people believe that municipal, or “city”, water is soft, but that’s not always the case. Water is only as soft as its source, which may be lakes or rivers instead of wells. The best way to determine your water’s hardness or softness is with our free water analysis. Many customers on municipal water are surprised to learn that their water is not considered soft!

Is water treatment equipment expensive to operate and maintain?

Thanks to the non-electric operation, our whole-home water treatment systems are low maintenance, simply requiring regular filter changes.

Can you install your own water filtration system?

Installing a water softener or water filtration system requires plumbing knowledge

Is reverse osmosis the best way to purify water?

Reverse osmosis is the most effective and economical way to purify water residentially. Kinetico purification systems utilize reverse osmosis and advanced membrane technology to effectively and efficiently remove metals, minerals including silica, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, emerging contaminants and other pollutants often left behind by more simple filtration options.

Does a whole house water filter reduce water pressure?

A professionally-installed water filtration system will not reduce your home’s water pressure, and some models may even increase it. Systems that are poorly installed or do not match your home’s existing plumbing may cause a drop in water pressure. This is one of the reasons professional installation is critical when choosing a home water treatment system.

How often should a whole house water filter be changed?

The frequency you need to change your water filters depends on the amount of water you use and the concentration of minerals and impurities in your water. Homes in central North Carolina typically have to change their filters 1-6 times per year.

How much money can I save with a system v. water bottles?

If you are currently purchasing bottled water for your household, you are probably spending around $800 per year on bottled water alone. If this is the case, a whole-home water filtration system will pay for itself in approximately a year and a half.

What makes a Kinetico system better than competitors?

Kinetico pioneered the industry’s first and only non-electric, fully automatic water treatment solution. They’re manufactured right here in the USA, and backed by our industry-leading warranty. Our systems are reliable, durable, and energy efficient, thanks to their non-electric operation.

Whether you need a water filtration system, water softener, water purification, or even a sanitization system, we have a solution for the unique needs of your home or business.

How can my business benefit from a water system?

Our commercial water treatment systems are more energy efficient, effective and economical than other options on the market. Cleaner water allows you to provide a better experience for your customers and clients, all while saving money. And with our custom solutions, as well as specialty systems, we have the perfect system for your organization’s unique needs.

Are Kinetico systems only for residential, or for commercial as well?

Kinetico Advanced Water Systems offers both residential and commercial and industrial water treatment solutions for healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, hospitality and more. For our commercial clients, we offer water purification, softener, and filtration systems, in addition to disinfection, full system design, analytical services, and much more.