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Water Treatment FAQs

Getting Started With Water Treatment

Why should I consider water treatment for my home or business?

Water quality issues pose several threats that range from staining on faucets, fixtures, and other water using appliances to very serious health concerns caused from chemical contamination.  Water quality problems will even increase the cost of using water in your home or business.

What’s really concerning?  You may not even know you have a water quality problem as the contaminants can be totally invisible, tasteless and odorless.

No matter what water problems you face, Kinetico Advanced Water Systems offers the most effective, efficient, and economical water treatment solutions on the market while also providing industry leading water testing to determine what, if any, issues need to be addressed.

How long does a water quality consultation take?

Consultations begin at 15 minutes and increase from there depending on the complexity of the issues being addressed.  Appointments begin with a conversation about your water quality concerns and the goals you want to achieve.  Our Water Quality Consultant then conducts a plumbing audit of your current plumbing system, determines where your new water treatment system will be installed, and then performs a thorough water quality analysis to determine what contaminants are in your water.  If issues are present, a review of your treatment options will be discussed and a detailed electronic proposal will be prepared and reviewed.  At least three solutions will be discussed at varying price points to accommodate your budget.

I am on municipal (city) water. Do I still need water treatment?

Unlike well water that comes from groundwater, municipal water often comes from surface water sources that are left exposed to the elements where man-made chemical contaminants can infiltrate and contaminate the supply.  Additionally, the municipality introduces disinfection chemicals that can interact with organic material in the water to create disinfection biproducts that may be harmful to your health.  Many consumers are surprised to learn what’s in their city water.  Contact us today for your water analysis.

Is water treatment equipment expensive to operate and maintain?

Water treatment systems require ongoing service and maintenance to keep them in an optimal operational state.  Filters, salt, and other types of media will need to be cleaned, replenished, or replaced as contaminants are removed from your water supply.  Fortunately, Kinetico systems are designed to be the most efficient and economical systems in the world so they monitor water usage, not time, to determine when service is required.

Additionally, Kinetico systems are built to last a lifetime so there is no planned obsolescence and no replacement costs to worry about. Other off-brand systems base maintenance on time (not usage) which leads to excessive, unnecessary, and expensive servicing costs on equipment that will ultimately need to be replaced.  Invest with confidence; invest with Kinetico!

Will my water treatment system make noise?

Water treatment systems are notorious for making noise while in operation, but not all systems are created equal.  With a Kinetico, almost all of our systems are non-electric and operate merely on kinetic energy.  By not employing electric pumps, you can enjoy the highest quality water while utilizing one of the quietest water treatment systems in the industry.  If noise is still a major concern, please discuss this with our Water Quality Consultant who will take this into account while conducting your onsite plumbing inspection, locating the best installation location for you.

Where is the most ideal place to install my water treatment equipment?

The most ideal place to install your water treatment equipment is at your water’s point of entry into your home or business.  For most customers, this is near your water heater however we install systems based your specific needs and concerns.  Serviceability, sound, and available space are a few of the considerations taken into account when deciding where to install your new system.  All of this is reviewed with your Water Quality Consultant during the plumbing audit.  Whatever your needs, we have you covered.

The Kinetico Difference

How will Kinetico Advanced Water Systems determine what my water quality issues are?

One of our professionally trained Water Quality Consultants will use state-of-the-art water testing equipment to provide the most comprehensive, in-person water testing analysis in the industry.  This focus on testing and equipment enables us to provide the best possible solutions to rectify even the most severe water quality issues, providing you with peace of mind in the process.  Tests include hardness, pH, iron, manganese, sediment, and more.

Does Kinetico Advanced Water Systems provide a routine maintenance service to maintain my equipment?

Another great advantage to working with Kinetico Advanced Water Systems is the post-installation service options available to maintain and service your new equipment.  We consider ourselves your long-term partner so our job isn’t over after installation, it’s just the beginning. We offer a free post-installation appointment to confirm your system is working properly, ensure you’re happy with your purchase, and answer any remaining questions. If you need maintenance at any time, we offer both self-service to full-service options, including ongoing and as-needed maintenance.

What makes a Kinetico system better than competitors?

Kinetico pioneered the industry’s first and only non-electric, fully automatic water treatment solution. They’re manufactured right here in the USA, and backed by our industry-leading warranty. Our systems are reliable, durable, and energy efficient, thanks to their non-electric operation.

Whether you need a water filtration system, water softener, water purification, or even a sanitization system, we have a solution for the unique needs of your home or business.

Cost of Water Treatment

How much money can I save with a system v. water bottles?

The average consumer spends $800 per year on bottled water.  At this rate of expense, a Kinetico customer can utilize money usually spent on bottled water to purchase a Kinetico drinking water purification system and have the system pay for itself within 18-36 months of purchase.

What is the price range for a new water treatment system?

Kinetico Advanced Water Systems looks at the unique needs and goals of each customer to provide a range of solutions at varying price points to fully resolve your water quality issues while also staying within your budget.  Additionally, Kinetico systems are designed to last a lifetime while also reducing the total cost of ownership over the life of your system.  By being the most efficient and effective treatment systems in the industry, Kinetico systems dramatically reduce the monthly costs of operation, making them the most economical systems as well.  No matter your needs or what you want to achieve, we will work with you to provide the best solution at the best possible price.  Contact us today to learn more.

Filtering and Purifying Water

Can you install a whole house water filter outside?

Our water treatment systems can be installed inside or outside, with all available options being reviewed during your in-person water quality consultation.  Whether you’re on a crawl space, slab, or basement, we will provide an installation solution that suits your needs so you can start enjoying the best water possible-TODAY.

Does a whole house water filter reduce water pressure?

A professionally installed water filtration system will not reduce water pressure, and some models may even increase it. Systems that are poorly installed or do not match your home’s existing plumbing may cause a drop in water pressure. This is one of the reasons professional installation is critical when choosing a water treatment solution.

How often should a whole house water filter be changed?

The frequency you need to change your water filters depends on the amount of water you use and the concentration of minerals and impurities in your water. On average, Kinetico customers typically change their filters 1-6 times per year but if changing filters is a concern, we also offer filterless, automatic backwashing systems that will completely eliminate the need for cartridge filter replacements.

I have a filter in my refrigerator for my drinking water. Is this sufficient for my family?

Customers often assume a water filter in their refrigerator is sufficient for their drinking water needs, but most refrigerator filters are carbon-based filters designed to remove disinfection chemicals like chlorine, not other common water contaminants like sediment, hardness minerals, emerging contaminants, and others that come with their own host of issues.  A drinking water purification system from Kinetico is the best way to remove up to 99% of contaminants in your drinking and cooking water and provide you with pure, delicious water.

Can you install your own water filtration system?

Kinetico Advanced Water Systems employs both licensed and certified Service Technicians that are professionally trained to install, service, and maintain Kinetico water treatment systems.  By utilizing a skilled and trained staff that works only in water treatment, we ensure that the system you purchase is installed correctly and performs as it should.  It is the safest and surest way to provide the peace of mind that you’re using the best water possible.

Is reverse osmosis the best way to purify water?

Reverse osmosis is the most effective and economical way to purify water residentially. Kinetico purification systems utilize reverse osmosis and advanced membrane technology to effectively and efficiently remove metals and minerals including silica, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, emerging contaminants and other pollutants often left behind by less effective filtration options.

Understanding Hard Water

How do you know if you have hard water?

Hard water contains a high concentration of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron.  Hard water can appear discolored or cloudy but will oftentimes have no telltale signs of contamination at all.  Water spots on your dishes, mineral stains on your clothes, as well as dry skin and hair are all examples of issues caused by hard water. If any of these sound familiar, a water quality consultation is the best way to determine the hardness of your water.

Is hard water bad for you?

Customers often ask, “Can hard water make me sick?”.  Hard water isn’t dangerous, and while it does have excess minerals that might make the taste unpleasant or create a foul smell, it’s generally safe to drink. Just because it’s not harming your health by drinking it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have negative effects on the rest of your body.  Hard water deprives your hair and skin of moisture that can lead to serious consequences of dryness, cracking, and split ends, to name a few.

Commercial Water Treatment

Are Kinetico systems for commercial applications as well?

Kinetico Advanced Water Systems offers residential, commercial and industrial water treatment solutions and holds government and military contract authorizations. We can accommodate small commercial systems, large industrial processes and have experience with long-term remediation contracts with systems protecting tens of thousands of sites. Our Commercial Division can provide analytical services, cooling tower cleanings and disinfections, system volumetric studies, project support, full system design, as well as water treatment training and education.

How can my business benefit from a water treatment system?

Our commercial water treatment systems are more energy efficient, effective and economical than other options on the market. Cleaner water allows you to provide a better experience for your customers and clients, all while saving money. And with our custom solutions, as well as specialty systems, we have the perfect system for your organization’s unique needs.