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Advanced Water Filtration & Treatment Systems in Newport-Morehead City, NC

Coastal living is incredible — the surf, the sand, and the lifestyle is enough to make even the most high-strung person relax and enjoy the good life. Living by the ocean isn’t always perfect, though. Ask anyone who lives on or near the beach about what they would change, and one common answer would almost certainly be, “the water.”

Treated water near the ocean has its troubles — it’s hard water that can have a certain unpleasant taste and smell. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Advanced Water Systems, the premier Kinetico® dealer in the area, is your source for the ultimate in water filtration, reverse osmosis systems, water softeners and more in Morehead City and throughout the entire Crystal Coast.

Water Filters & Water Softeners from Kinetico

Homeowners, business owners, and property management companies all turn to Advanced Water Systems for cutting-edge Kinetico water treatment systems. AWS, Inc. specializes in Morehead City, NC whole-house and under-sink:

Essentials of Water Treatment

Kinetico CRS1100 Chloramine and Chemical Reduction System

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration means water results. Deal with the sediment, chemicals and other contaminants affecting your water’s taste, smell and/or appearance.

Explore Water Filtration Systems

Kinetico Premier Series 2060s Softener

Ion Exchange Water Softeners

Hard water causes dry skin and hair, faded clothing and metal appliance damage. The solution? Our Kinetico ion exchange water softeners get water back to a soft state.

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Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station

Water Purification Systems

Bottled water and refrigerators filters mean repeated costs. Purified water via a Kinetico drinking water station means better water for drinking and cooking for years to come.

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Forget Beach Water — Drink Pure Water in Morehead City & Atlantic Beach

Every area is different and rarely is one perfect, but, inland cities and towns typically have different water than municipal locations near the coast. AWS, Inc. recognizes your need for reliable pure water for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning, and systems from Kinetico can deliver all of those things and more. Premier whole-home water purification, filtration, and treatment is available to you — call us at (252) 223-4444!

Advanced Water Systems is available to residential and commercial clients located in Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, Newport, Beaufort and the entire Crystal Coast. Contact us to speak with a certified Kinetico water specialist!

Customer Reviews
Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews

Two times cleaner than bottled water!

Just over 4 years ago Alex talked my wife and I into installing a Reverse Osmosis water purification system. Randomly enough, tonight I decided to test our water quality in our house compared to regular tap water using a TDS meter (lower the number the better) . My daughter added a third sample from a store bought bottle of water. The tap water was 229 ppm. We were shocked to see the bottled water was only 29 ppm. Now our hose water from our 4 year old system with just over 1 year old filters…14 ppm. Two times cleaner than bottled water! Skeptical, we ran all three again getting the same results. So worth the investment. Imagine if we had new filters. Thanks Alex!

Ryan T. Morehead City Area, K5 Drinking Water System Owner

Kinetico is, hands down, the better system!

We have been extremely pleased with our full Kinetico water system!!! For twenty years prior, we had another leading system but decided to try Kinetico with our new home after hearing people rave about their Kinetico system. We had small issues over that twenty years that led us to consider this change. Kinetico is, hands down, the better system! Our water is just the right softness; using water during regeneration time doesn’t interfere in the cycling; and using the reverse osmosis water for cooking and drinking ensures we are using the purest water possible and the proof is visibly seen…. to name but a few! We were given a fantastic demonstration and all has proven accurate!! We couldn’t be more pleased!

Kim P. Morehead City, Whole House Kinetico System Owner

I am very pleased with the services and products

I have been dealing with the Newport, NC office for eleven years. From purchasing the salt, testing my water, servicing the equipment, and answering my questions. Everyone there has been helpful and knowledgeable. They have always been prompt, courteous and clean. I am very pleased with the services and products I have received. My equipment includes the water softener, the canister to remove sulfur smell from my well water, and a reverse osmosis drinking water system.

Samantha K. Newport, NC, Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis System Owner

Now, I don’t have orange, iron stains or any sediment

I have had these systems in my house now for a little over a month and I saw a difference immediately. Not only for me but for the drinking water for my dogs… Now, I don’t have orange, iron stains or any sediment settling at the bottom of their bowl. I was pleased with the initial contact, the immediate call to set up an initial appointment, the explanation of their systems, the quickness of getting financed and installation of the products. Everyone I have talked to and met with have been very helpful, knowledgeable and polite. I highly recommend this company and their products. I know I made the right decision for better water for me and my dogs.

Kristie E. Atlantic Beach, Kinetico Whole House System Owner

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