What Causes Blue-Green Stains?

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What Causes Blue-Green Stains?

Have you been noticing bluish-green stains in your sink or bathtub? This can be the result of corroding copper pipes/fixtures, copper getting into your tap or well water or a combination of both. Not only is that bad for your plumbing, your overall water quality can suffer too. Here’s how to understand if your water could be a factor and how to improve its quality.

How to Prevent Blue-Green Stains

The main reason why water will corrode copper pipes is if it has a low pH level. Testing your water will help you understand if this is the issue. If it is, speciality systems, like our Neutralizer or Acid Neutralization Systems, will assist in raising the pH level of your water.

Contacting a Kinetico water expert and scheduling a water test gives you insight on how to better manage your water for improved quality.

How to Remove Blue-Green Stains

Blue-green stain removal can be easily accomplished with DIY methods or store-bought products. Correcting copper corrosion at the source is the best way to prevent blue-green stains, so we suggest investing in an acid neutralization system.

How Kinetico Can Help

Kinetico offers residential sediment, chemical and specialty filtration solutions. By balancing the pH levels in your water, you’ll prevent corrosion and blue-green stains in your sink or bathtub.

Don’t Wait, Get Those Stains Out!

Find the source of blue-green staining with a free water analysis today. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive collection of water treatment systems that treat, correct and enhance the quality of your water.