Emerging Contaminants
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What are Emerging Contaminants?

Emerging contaminants, also known as contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) have recently been discovered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They include a number of things, like various chemicals, human-made byproducts and industrial pollutants.

As their levels increase, CECs are becoming a bigger concern for aquatic wildlife and even humans. Continue reading to learn about the health effects of CECs and how to keep them out of your water.

Health Effects of Emerging Contaminants

There are many CECs that can negatively alter hormones and body functions, including reproductive systems. Besides this, not much is known about the specific health effects of them. This is due to a lack of studies, since water treatment facilities haven’t monitored them in the past.

How to Detect Emerging Contaminants

Since the full range of impact that CECs can have is unknown, it makes them hard to regulate or measure. Because there have been trace amounts found in water across the United States, though, your drinking water can potentially have low concentrations. 

Removing Emerging Contaminants from Drinking Water

Reverse osmosis systems are the best-suited solution for preventing and treating CECs in your drinking water. This is because they have the ability to remove both dissolved solids and suspended particles from water before it gets into your home. 

Stay Safe with Kinetico Advanced Water Systems

Despite there being a lack of knowledge about CECs, you can remove most contaminants from your water with the right water treatment plan. Schedule a free water test today to find out how a reverse osmosis system can cover your needs.