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Residential water solutions from Kinetico Advanced Water Systems are trusted for their reliability, durability and efficiency. Problems such as a strange odor or taste, cloudiness, or even dry hair and skin can be treated with a Kinetico system.

Factors that may affect your water supply include plumbing, well water quality, contamination, an aging water distribution system, chemicals added by water treatment plants, and more. During your free water analysis, a Kinetico expert will determine the cause of your water concerns and provide a personalized solution for your needs and budget.

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Cloudy Water

If your water tastes or smells like chlorine or is visibly cloudy, you may need a water filtration system. Sediment and chemical filtration systems remove contaminants like sand, rust, chlorine, chemicals and more from your water supply, giving you consistently clean, chemical-free water.

Systems We Offer:

  • Kinetico Super Kit cartridge filter
  • Kinetico 1100 Series Passive Chlorine and Chemical Reduction system
  • Kinetico Premier Series Backwashing filtration

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Hard Water

If you notice soap scum on your glassware, shower enclosures or skin or have a sticky, dry feeling after washing, you may have hard water. Ion exchange is a highly effective treatment to soften hard water and remove harmful minerals and metals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and more.

Systems We Offer:

  • Kinetico Premier Series Softeners
  • Kinetico Premier Series Combination System Softener/Filtration

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Unpleasant Taste and Other Drinking Water Concerns

Water purification filters out metals, bacteria and chemicals, including emerging contaminants such as PFOS and GenX, to improve the taste and healthfulness of your drinking water. From tastier meals and drinks to crystal-clear ice cubes to saving money on bottled water, our water purification solutions deliver quality results you’ll notice every day.

Systems We Offer:

  • Kinetico AquaKinetic® A200 Drinking Water System
  • Kinetico KS Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Station®

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Silica Contamination

If you notice water spots or etchings in your glassware or glass shower enclosure, you may have a high concentration of silica in your water. Whole home water purification can mitigate the damaging effects of this chemical in your home.

Systems We Offer:

  • KineticoPRO Nimbus S-Series Reverse Osmosis System

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Waterborne Bacteria & Viruses

Bacteria, viruses and protozoa in water can cause gastrointestinal illness. With ultraviolet sanitization, advanced water systems can treat your water supply and ensure it is free of microbial pathogens that could make you or your family sick.

Systems We Offer:

  • Luminor Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

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Other Concerns

For blue-green staining, radioactive elements, emerging contaminants and other concerns, our specialty systems provide contaminant-free water and peace of mind. Kinetico specialty systems address problems including silica, radon, arsenic, acidic water, odors, low yield wells and more.

Systems We Offer:

  • AIRaider Bubble Aeration Radon Removal System
  • Kinetico Acid Neutralizer
  • Kinetico Premier Series Sulfur Guard
  • Well Manager® and Well Watcher® Well Management Systems
  • DAB® Water Technology Electronic Pressurization System

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