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Innovative Water Filtration & Treatment Systems in Chesapeake, VA

Having clean water available in your home or business is an important aspect of the overall health of your family, employees or guests. Technically, anything other than H2O is an impurity, and those contaminants can potentially harm your skin, hair, appliances and well-being.

At Advanced Water Systems, we’re passionate about providing pure water to residential and commercial properties throughout the Tidewater region. For close to three decades, our specialists have installed whole-home and under-sink water filtration systems, water purifiers, reverse osmosis systems and water softeners in Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA. We’re proud to be Virginia Beach’s leading water softener installation company.

Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach Water Purifiers, Filtration Systems & More

The certified water specialists at AWS, Inc. take the guesswork out of selecting a water treatment system in Chesapeake, VA. Our process begins with our free water test. Once administered, this analysis will provide the results we need in order to suggest the proper Chesapeake, VA water filter, purification system, reverse osmosis system or water softener that is most appropriate for your home or business.

As the only factory-authorized dealer of Kinetico® water filtration and treatment systems in the Norfolk area, Advanced Water Systems can install the most reliable, longest-lasting and best-performing filters and purifiers available in the industry today.

Essentials of Water Treatment

Kinetico CRS1100 Chloramine and Chemical Reduction System

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration has clear results: no sediment, chemicals or other contaminants that cause unpleasant tastes, smells and/or appearances.

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Kinetico Premier Series 2060s Softener

Ion Exchange Water Softeners

Hard water can cause dry skin and hair, clothing damage and mineral build-ups that damage appliances. The Kinetico ion exchange water softener does away with all the issues.

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Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station

Water Purification Systems

Costly water bottles and refrigerator filters aren’t the only way. A Kinetico drinking water station provides purified water for cooking and drinking.

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Kinetico Commercial Water Filtration & Treatment

In addition to our whole-home and residential under-sink options, AWS, Inc. also provides commercial water treatment in Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with area restaurants, offices, industrial facilities and more to provide high-quality water for their employees, guests, and clients. Just imagine what AWS, Inc. can do for you!

From our office in Chesapeake, VA, Advanced Water Systems serves residential and commercial clients throughout the Tidewater area, including Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and all surrounding areas. Contact us locally at (757) 520-0937.

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