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As a Mechanical contractor I am always looking for a company that put’s customer service first. Kinetico and their team of experienced professionals are just that, professionals that always strive to provide not only clean and reliable drinking water solutions but they do it with a razor sharp attention to detail and always looking to put the customer first and foremost.

Shawn M. Raleigh, NC
Reverse Osmosis System

“I believe that your home should make life better. An important part of that is having clean, clear, healthy water. There are so many benefits from the well-being of your family to reduced wear and tear on your fixtures and plumbing system. That’s why I installed a Kinetico whole home water system.”

Private: Jonathan Scott
Property Brothers

After seeing my brother Jonathan’s Kinetico whole home water solution and tasting the water from his reverse osmosis system, I knew I wanted the same for my family.

Private: Drew Scott
Property Brothers

I just had the Kinetico water filter system with the K5 Drinking Station installed last month. Thanks to Jonas Greaser and his partner for doing such a great job. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and explained every step of the installation process. I am completely satisfied with my new water filtration system. The water is clearer, tastes good, no more bad smells or white residue on my refrigerator’s water/ice dispenser and no more sediment and brown stains in the toilet.

Sheila A. Raleigh, NC
K5 Drinking Station Owner

We had a positive experience with each and every person from Kinetico. Gene tested our water and sent us our quote. His knowledge and expertise is top-notch and well beyond the other companies and plumbers we spoke to.

Ryan F. Raleigh, NC

Whole Home Water System

We have been using Kinetico Advanced Water Systems for over 5 years now and are absolutely delighted with the initial service, install, professionalism of staff and quality of our water! The monthly service is timely and seamless for payment and budgeting. They have numerous options for renting OR purchasing the system making it perfect as a test run should you not want to commit before seeing the actual benefits. If you live at the coast I cannot imagine NOT having a Kinetico System for whole house enjoyment the cost vs savings on appliances and enjoyment of drinking water/cooking makes it an exceptional value.

Kim J. Newport, NC

Reverse Osmosis System

Very pleasant experience. I was quite satisfied with the promptness in which I was contacted – both to discuss the system and the installation. Pam did a terrific job of explaining the system and how it worked, plus I liked the fact that she provided me with the cost of what each system would be without hesitation. In addition, Austin was very considerate and proficient in performing the installation. Great job! Keep up the great work!

Dan C. Newport, NC

Whole Home Water System

I have always wanted a whole home system and Kinetico met my standards of water quality. I am totally impressed with Advanced Water Systems with their customer service. Pam gave a very thorough presentation of the products and helped me with deciding which fit my needs the most. Her on hands during installation was perfect. The installers were professional. The support staff is dependable and the office staff is outstanding. One of the best companies I have ever worked with.

Beverly D. Newport, NC

Reverse Osmosis System

David, with Kinetico water services, did a fabulous job installing my water softener and RO system. He was ever so patient in working around the contractors and other vendors as my condo was being renovated. He was able to problem solve some issues presented by the contractor in a timely manner. Thank you David, for a job well done!

Alicia M. Denver, CO

Whole Home Water System

Advanced Water Systems did an awesome job from start to finish. The job went smoothly and the team was all around very professional. Their service manager David was extremely knowledgeable and especially thorough with the installation process. They even went out of their way to clean up the work area which included mess that wasn’t theirs. They really take pride in their work. 10/10 recommended David and this company!

Thomas S. Denver, CO

Water Softener

John is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to water treatment. He has been installing and maintaining my systems for years, and I’ve never been disappointed in his service! In addition, the Kinetico product is fantastic. I have had my softener over 10 years and I never leave it behind when I move! I reinstall it in the next house each time, because it’s just that good! Highly recommend.

Robyn L. Denver, CO

Whole Home Water System

Kinetico did a great job installing our water system in our 100+ year old house with some plumbing challenges. Not only did they do the water system but they fixed other issues with the plumping that really needed to be fixed. So they definitely left our home in better shape than they found it, which was much appreciated! A home water system is definitely an investment and we were a bit worried we’d regret it for the cost, however so far we absolutely love it and wouldn’t go back. David T was amazing throughout the whole project!

Heather R. Denver, CO

Whole House Water Filtration System Owner

I was very happy with my whole house water filtration system that they installed. It felt like science class with all the testing they did on my water and went over everything in great detail. My water was hard and causing my hair and skin to be super dry after only living there for 9 months. I couldn’t take it any longer and this was a good investment for me to put into my home for if or when I may sell down the road.

Laura C. Raleigh, NC

I have been dealing with the Newport, NC office for eleven years. From purchasing the salt, testing my water, servicing the equipment, and answering my questions. Everyone there has been helpful and knowledgeable. They have always been prompt, courteous and clean. I am very pleased with the services and products I have received. My equipment includes the water softener, the canister to remove sulfur smell from my well water, and a reverse osmosis drinking water system.

Samantha K.
Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis System Owner

Hello, I just want to thank the team in Hampstead for the excellent customer service. Office staff and Mr. Antonio are great! And about the system itself… love, love, love my Kinetico water system! I live in a swamp literally, and this system creates drinkable water from the swamp water it starts with. This is the 2nd home I have lived in, in the Coastal Carolina area, with Kinetico water systems. And if I’d move again, I would purchase another! Please feel free to use my testimonial for the system, the Hampstead office staff and the wonderful service provided by Mr. Antonio!

Bonnie S.
Kinetico Whole House System Owner

We love our new Kinetico system! About 2 years ago we opted for a Whirlpool instead because it was cheaper, but there’s a reason! Not even 1 year into having it, we started having problems. We let it limp along for the last 8 months and finally called Alex at our local Kinetico and told him we were ready! We’ve had it for about a month now and we love it. There is such a huge difference in our water and you can see it on your skin and hair, the dishes, and all the surfaces that water touches. I wish we would have just gone with the Kinetico to begin with 2 years ago!

Amanda J.
Kinetico Water System Owner

The Advanced Water System specialists were very knowledgeable and did a very good job of analyzing and explaining every aspect of our water needs. The installation was clean and neat, and the system has worked exactly as designed and sold.

Aaron L. Southport, NC
Kinetico Water System Owner

Smooth install. Appreciate that the system works on water pressure and not electricity. Also that they were able to put the RO tank and filters in the garage with the other tanks. Highly recommend.

Terry B. Southport, NC
Kinetico System Owner

This is one of the most qualified, professional, and customer-oriented organizations in the water treatment business. Their products are superb and their commitment to their client’s satisfaction is a quality rarely seen today. I highly recommend Advanced Water Systems, Inc.

Clint C. Southport, NC
Kinetico System Owner

In order to decide on a water treatment system, you need to be shown exactly the condition of your current water supply. Advanced Water Systems, Inc. spent over two hours running just about every test on our current water. It showed how it wasn’t as healthy as you might expect, especially from a city water system. You won’t go wrong contracting with this company and protect your family as well.

Ronald R. Conway, SC
Kinetico System Owner

Our Kinetico 2030 water softener is working great and has made a difference with our water. No more rusty stains and our whites are coming out of the washing machine white! The staff at the Hampstead office was very professional and great to work with. The installation went flawlessly and the installer spent time answering any questions that I had. Great product.

Keith T.
Coastal Carolina Kinetico Water System Owner

Great people to work with. I am more than pleased with the system they provided and the installation looks incredible. I recommend this system to anyone who has water problems, these guys can fix you up.

Greg H.
Coastal Carolina Kinetico Water System Owner

Kinetico is the way to go. Dan was quick to get an estimate to us, and schedule installation of our new water softener and reverse osmosis system. The service was great and they answered all of my questions. It’s been so good having soft water and tasty drinking water free of chemicals. I highly recommend Kinetico.

Kim B.
Coastal Carolina Kinetico Water System Owner

Just over 4 years ago Alex talked my wife and I into installing a Reverse Osmosis water purification system. Randomly enough, tonight I decided to test our water quality in our house compared to regular tap water using a TDS meter (lower the number the better) . My daughter added a third sample from a store bought bottle of water. The tap water was 229 ppm. We were shocked to see the bottled water was only 29 ppm. Now our hose water from our 4 year old system with just over 1 year old filters…14 ppm. Two times cleaner than bottled water! Skeptical, we ran all three again getting the same results. So worth the investment. Imagine if we had new filters. Thanks Alex!

Ryan T.
Morehead City Area K5 Drinking Water System Owner

I was tired of watching the news and worrying about the water. I called Advanced Water Systems, their service and professionalism was superb. I would recommend them to anyone.

Parker S.
Coastal Carolina Kinetico Drinking Water System Owner

I purchased a house that had a Kinetico softener. It is wonderful since water at the beach is so hard. The Kinetico technicians come monthly to fill with salt, change the filter and maintain the system. I am very happy with the service. Thanks Kinetico!

Richard L.
Newport NC Kinetico System Owner

Several months ago we had our Kinetico reverse osmosis under sink water filtration system installed. From the initial call straight on through to the follow up we experienced professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly interactions with staff. We are very pleased with our water system and feel a great sense of relief to know that our drinking water is safe.

Jennifer K.
Kinetico RO System Owner

We hired “Alex Hepler” with Kinetico to install our water filtration system in our newly constructed home. From day one, “Alex” was professional, personable and dependable. He has been prompt in replying to text messages and phone calls and has gone above and beyond with exceptional customer service. We have been very pleased with our system and highly recommend “Alex”.

Robert B.
Exceptional Service for Crystal Coast

We have been extremely pleased with our full Kinetico water system!!! For twenty years prior, we had another leading system but decided to try Kinetico with our new home after hearing people rave about their Kinetico system. We had small issues over that twenty years that led us to consider this change. Kinetico is, hands down, the better system! Our water is just the right softness; using water during regeneration time doesn’t interfere in the cycling; and using the reverse osmosis water for cooking and drinking ensures we are using the purest water possible and the proof is visibly seen…. to name but a few! We were given a fantastic demonstration and all has proven accurate!! We couldn’t be more pleased!

Kim P.
Whole House Kinetico System

This is what I call fantastic customer service.

We LOVE this water softening system. No more rusty stains in the tub or toilets, no more brown, or slimy sediment in the cat’s water dish. I am confident that we made the right decision in purchasing this water softening system. I also know that if we have any problems or concerns, the Kinetico folks are just a phone call away (real people–not answering machines!). We have already been contacted twice to see how things are going. This is what I call fantastic customer service.

Joe M. Raleigh, NC

Installation exactly as expected. Cost exactly as estimated.

Great service! Hunter provided an initial estimate and came back a few days later to install. He was punctual and described exactly what he was doing including what to expect with the filters over the years. Installation exactly as expected. Cost exactly as estimated. Great job!

Brenda L.

The best water we’ve EVER had!!!

We decided to purchase a new Kinetico water softener and reverse osmosis drinking water system and I couldn’t be happier. After purging our lines and hot water heater of the previous water, we had great water! The best water we’ve EVER had!!! Many thanks to Pam for understanding our needs, not being pushy with sales pitches and allowing us time to make a good conscious decision.

Mike F. Location, ST