Kinetico Premier Series Combination System Softener/Filtration

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Kinetico Premier Series Combination System Softener/Filtration

Our salt-based Premier Series Combination System is the world’s most efficient water softener. But don’t just take our word for it: data from the Water Quality Association (WQA) proved it. Their testing showed that it removes more water hardness per pound of salt than any other water softener on the market.

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Benefits of the Premier Series Combination System

  • Quad-tank residential system designed for homes with filtration AND softening needs with both systems incorporated into one compact design
  • Commonly used for homes on community well water with hardness minerals, high manganese, and high chlorine
  • Choice of media for filter tanks depending on contaminant issues
  • System retains all the features included in all Premier Series products including non-electric operation, soft-water regeneration, and no computers to adjust, repair or replace

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