What Determines Water Quality?
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What Determines Water Quality?

What is Water Quality?

Water quality refers to how sustainable your water is, for all of its uses. From drinking water to cooking and cleaning with it, it’s something that can’t be taken for granted. Of course, it’s easy to think that your water is top-quality: especially when it looks, smells and tastes okay. 

The truth is, though, there are many harmful contaminants that are virtually undetectable/can’t be stopped by fridge or water pitcher filters. With tap water drinking, this can lead to everything from the most basic stomach issues to the development of chronic diseases. Here’s what you need to know about what determines water quality, how it’s measured and why water quality analysis is important.

Measuring the Quality of Water

The holistic properties of water are key to determining its quality. Between its physical, biological and chemical factors, quality covers more than if water is polluted or clean. It’s ultimately determined through measurements and analysis by trained experts, like those at Kinetico. Backed by their equipment, they’re able to analyze water for the following: 

Why Have Quality Measurements? 

Knowing the qualities of your tap water is the first step to improving it. With the knowledge that a free water analysis can bring, you’ll know what options you have for a custom solution. This will provide the long-term peace-of-mind you need and the holistic benefits of improved water quality. In addition to the health benefits, it can lead to everything from better-tasting food to better-performing water-based appliances.

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