Scientific American: Don’t Drink The Water
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Scientific American: Don’t Drink The Water

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a family of four living in the United States uses around 110,000 gallons of water each year (assume 75 GPD per person). A majority of that usage goes directly to tap water for drinking, cooking,  bathing and washing clothes. Because water is essential for everyday living, it’s easy to see how important water is to our health and well-being. Therefore, the importance of water quality in your home or business cannot be overlooked.

Advanced Water Systems is a leader in whole-home and commercial water treatment systems from Raleigh to Wilmington, NC, Chesapeake, VA and beyond. Our previous customers enjoy the following benefits of water filterswater softeners, and purifiers:

Conditioned Water

Our water treatment systems provide clean, fresh, conditioned H2O for our residential and commercial customers across North Carolina and Virginia. The health benefits of avoiding contaminants such as sediment, VOCs, acid, arsenic, lead and nitrates are obvious; but did you know that a water treatment system providing softened water will improve the condition of your skin, hair, washed clothing and more?

Save Money

Problems with your water can do more than impact your personal health — water treatment systems can benefit your wallet, too! In fact, our cutting-edge whole-house water filtration systems, water softeners, and reverse osmosis systems pay for themselves over time. This is especially true if you buy bottled water from the grocery store on a regular basis. Moreover, water treatment systems will reduce the amount you spend on cleaning detergents, clothing, energy, skin and personal care products, and appliance repair bills.

Help the Environment

Kinetico® water treatment systems installed by Advanced Water Systems are eco-friendly, too. Whole-home water filters and purifiers, water softeners and more keep thousands of water bottles out of landfills each year. Also, Kinetico systems are non-electric and contain no electrical components, reducing dependency on utility providers and lowering your carbon footprint.