The Importance of Purified Water
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The Importance of Purified Water

Why Does Water Need To Be Purified?

It’s easy to write off water purification for your home if you don’t notice any problems. In reality, though, water issues can go much deeper than just what you can see, smell or even taste. And even with a fridge-based or standalone filter, you’re fighting an uphill battle. Only home-installed water purifications systems can fully put you in control of your water quality. Here’s all the water purification info you need to understand and improve what comes from your taps. 

What Causes Contaminated Water? 

Contamination issues can start before water even reaches your home. Factors like weather, faulty/outdated piping and more can all contribute contaminants. And since there’s no way for your water company to remove them all, there’s a set amount of each contaminant that’s legally allowed to be in your water. This can include: 

How To Know if Your Water Needs Purification

When in doubt, the best way to know your water is a free water analysis. If you notice any of those following, chances are also good that your water needs help: 

Risks of Unpurified Water

Unpurified water can potentially affect you and your home in many ways:  

How Water is Purified

The best water purification systems have a reverse osmosis process, meaning they use pressure to move water through an advanced membrane. Then, the membrane’s filters are capable of capturing contaminants as small as a nanometer and removing them. The whole system operates electrically and will generally only need yearly membrane replacement (which comes free with purchase).  

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