Protecting Your Water Quality on Vacation: Coastal Locations and Water Treatment
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Protecting Your Water Quality on Vacation: Coastal Locations and Water Treatment

As summer continues, many of us look forward to vacationing in popular coastal locations and enjoying some much-needed relaxation. Whether you already have a Kinetico water treatment system at home or you are in the process of improving your water quality, it’s important to be aware of potential water quality issues that exist at common vacation destinations. This blog post aims to warn about water quality challenges that may arise and why maintaining water treatment awareness is so important during your summer travels.

Coastal Water Quality Challenges

Coastal locations are often prone to unique water quality issues that differ from those experienced in residential areas. Factors such as seawater intrusion, agricultural runoff and industrial discharges can affect the water quality in these regions. Microorganisms and contaminants might not be treated adequately by hotels and resorts, potentially posing health risks to unsuspecting travelers. New emerging chemical contaminants that are not yet regulated can also be much more prevalent in these areas.

Assumptions About Resort Water Treatment

Many vacationers assume that resorts and hotels will provide safe and treated water, but that’s not always the case. Some locations might not have comprehensive water treatment systems, leading to potential exposure to harmful substances, low-performing showers and more. When traveling, things as simple as water smell, taste and feel can all be very different from what you are accustomed to.

Health Risks of Unfiltered Water

Consuming or coming into contact with untreated water can lead to various health issues such as gastrointestinal problems, skin irritations and respiratory infections. It’s essential to be cautious and inquire about water treatment processes at your vacation destination to protect your well-being.

Researching Your Vacation Destination’s Water Quality

Before embarking on your trip, take some time to research the water quality at your chosen destination. Look for any reported issues or water quality concerns in the area. This information will help you prepare and plan for any additional water measures you may need, like purchasing bottled water.

The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) tap water database has country-wide contaminant data. Just note that these are not legal water requirements and are guidelines specific to this third-party organization. Even in places with higher-quality water, there’s still the potential for contamination.

Ensure At-Home Water Quality With Kinetico Advanced Water Systems

While vacationing in coastal locations or other vacation spots, it’s crucial to remain vigilant about water quality issues that might not be immediately apparent. Protecting your health should always be a priority, and maintaining water treatment awareness—even while traveling—is key. To ensure home water quality, stay informed with a free water analysis.