Commercial Water Purification Systems

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Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems (Purification)

Water Purification Solutions for Any Industry

A commercial/industrial water purification system is the third step in your business’s total water management. Our systems ensure the purest water possible for production, testing, operations and consumption. With their state-of-the-art, advanced membrane technology, they take out contaminants at a molecular level to provide a dependable, consistent and cost-effective supply of pure water.

Basic filtration systems and water softeners have their limits for effectively removing metals, minerals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, contaminants and more. With a Kinetico commercial reverse osmosis system, you can supply pure water at a specific point-of-use location, or throughout the entirety of your facilities, automatically and effectively.


Kinetico Commercial Water Purification Systems

KineticoPRO ROAX N-Series Reverse Osmosis System

KineticoPRO ROAX N-Series Reverse Osmosis System

  • High capacity from 2,000-12,000 GPD (gallons per day)
  • Can be combined with multiple ROAX units to provide very high flow rates
  • Optimal for 24/7 operations that experience high-volume drawdowns
  • Skid-mounted options include pre- and post-treatment in a modular, space-saving design
  • System controller monitors pressure, TDS (total dissolved solids), maintenance schedules and diagnostics
  • Engineered controller flushes the system with pre-filtered water at shutdown and startup to enhance TDS meter accuracy
  • Monitors water usage with permeate, brine and recirculation flow meters
commercial water system

KineticoPRO Nimbus S-Series Reverse Osmosis System

  • Medium to high capacity from 700-2,500 GPD (gallons per day)
  • EverClean® Membrane Rinse ensures consistently high water quality, extends membrane life and lowers maintenance costs
  • Designed to maximize water conservation and minimize wastewater
  • Innovative blending valve to achieve customizable water specifications
  • Flexible mounting options and space-saving design
  • Customizable settings via built-in controller
Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station

Kinetico K5 Series Point of Use Reverse Osmosis System

  • Top rated and most certified point-of-use reverse osmosis system in the world
  • One of only three point-of-use RO systems certified by the state of North Carolina for full PFAS removal—with Kinetico proudly having two of the three
  • Highest contaminant removal rates of any point-of-use system
  • Highest discharge pressure due to proprietary WoW storage tank
  • Fastest production rate (1.7 gallons per hour) of any such system
  • Built-in usage tracker ensures optimum water quality while optimizing cartridge usage
  • Can be connected to as many as five discharge points including faucets, refrigerators, ice machines, coffee makers and soda machines
  • Customizable water available through flex filters including ultrapure water for a 99.99999% bacteria removal and/or adding back calcium and magnesium to the water
  • Can be modified to provide deionized water for labs and R&D facilities
    10-year limited warranty and 4-year RO membrane warranty
Kinetico KWS Series Vertex Bottleless Cooler System

Kinetico KWS Series Vertex Bottleless Cooler System

  • Contemporary styling fits well with any modern space
  • Temperatures can range from 37º F to 180º F
  • Available with reverse osmosis filtration or standard dual-cartridge filtration system
  • Comes with ultraviolet or ozone sterilizer
  • 1-year limited warranty and 3-year compressor warranty

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What are Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems?

Commercial RO systems eliminate unwanted contaminants and sediments from drinking water. First, they use pressure to move water through an advanced, semipermeable membrane. Then, the membrane’s filters capture contaminants as small as a nanometer and remove them as the water seamlessly passes through the system. Finally, the pressure prevents any purified water from filtering back into the contaminated water.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Systems

A commercial water purification system can remove contaminants from water down to a molecular level. This means near-total removal of PFAs, GenX, silica, chemicals, heavy metals and other contaminants. Reverse osmosis also puts a stop to damages that non-purified water and its contaminants can cause to appliances/equipment/fixtures. Finally, these systems lower the health risks—from indigestion and dehydration to increased blood pressure and kidney damage—that lesser- or non-purified water can cause.

Water Purification FAQs

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a water purification process that eliminates unwanted molecules, contaminants, sediments and more from your water. Through a series of steps, it pushes water into a specialized membrane to produce cleaner water.

Does reverse osmosis remove minerals?

Yes, reverse osmosis traditionally removes minerals, but the Kinetico K5 Series Point of Use Reverse Osmosis System can add calcium and magnesium back in if desired.

Does reverse osmosis remove PFAs?

Yes, our commercial reverse osmosis systems can even remove high-concern contaminants, including PFAs and GenX.

Does reverse osmosis remove fluoride?

Yes, the reverse osmosis process removes fluoride in addition to unwanted particles and microorganisms—including silica, chemicals, heavy metals, PFAs, GenX and more.

How much does a commercial reverse osmosis system cost?

The cost for commercial reverse osmosis is always custom to the requirements of the respective facility. As such, the first step is to get a free water consultation to determine your water quality and needs.

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During your free water consultation, a Kinetico specialist will test the makeup of your water. Based on the results, we can then prepare a custom commercial water solution that suits your needs and budget.