Specialty Water Systems (Radon, Acidity, and Odors)

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Specialty Water Treatment Systems

Remove Radon, Acidity, and Odors From Your Water

Specialty systems designed to treat less common contaminants and resolve other water-related issues are essential for your total water management system.

While there are some contaminants that you can see, taste or smell, other contaminants have no color, taste or odor. From radon to acidic water, a Kinetico specialty system will resolve these unique water quality issues and restore your water to its purest state.

In addition to water quality issues, Kinetico Advanced Water Systems can address problems that are totally unrelated to contamination.  Concerns like reduced water pressure and low water volume due to a low-yield well, are examples of common problems that are resolved with a specialty system.

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Kinetico Specialty Water System Commercial Solutions

AIRaider Aeration Radon Removal System

AIRaider Aeration Radon Removal System

  • Industry-leading technology for removing radon from well water
  • Double-wall construction with foam insulation prevents tank sweating
  • Built-in pump reduces pump noise
  • System built from lead-free components and meets Drinking Water Act requirements

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