Water Treatment Services for Healthcare

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The Importance of Water Treatment Systems For Healthcare

Kinetico Advanced Water Systems has effectively partnered with healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, continuing care facilities, dental offices, and laboratories. We provide customized solutions that maximize the consistency, effectiveness, and safety of water in these highly critical applications.

Our Commercial Partners in Healthcare

Water Disinfection Benefits

Municipal water treatment uses disinfectants to treat the water, however these are not effective at removing all harmful contaminants. Kinetico Advanced Water Systems offers supplementary solutions that increase the safety and purity of the water through additional disinfection and contaminant removal. Some examples of benefits from supplemental water treatment are reduced insurance costs, lower risks of infections, improved likelihood of passing regulatory inspections, and improved effectiveness of sensitive equipment.


Meet sanitization regulations that are essential for operations and financial stability.

Water-Based Equipment

Ensure that sensitive equipment can perform with improved accuracy and reliability.


Prioritize safety and hygiene across all water usages—from drinking water, to cleaning equipment, to washing hands.


Save money through improved system efficiencies that require less upkeep and maintenance.


Stop the spread of illness by keeping floors, tables, and other surfaces as sanitary as possible.


Improve drinking water and food quality through the removal of unwanted contaminants.

The Benefits of Water Treatment for Healthcare HVAC Systems

Effective water treatment is necessary to optimize performance and maximize equipment life for HVAC and boiler systems. For boilers and cooling towers to effectively meet your facility’s needs, they require consistent, high quality supplies of properly treated water. A significant portion of your facility’s budget goes towards utilities like natural gas, electricity, water, and sewer. Implementing a Kinetico water treatment solution will save you money, make your facility more green, and reduce liability.


Protect internal components from corrosion, scale formations, fouling and inhibited heat transfer.

Cooling Towers

Prevent scale and fouling from reducing equipment life, increasing energy costs and requiring additional chemical treatment.

Water Treatment For Healthcare Facilities: The Kinetico Difference

Better water isn’t achieved with a one-size-fits-all solution. Kinetico Advanced Water Systems combines our extensive experience, expansive product portfolio and customer-first approach to deliver on your specific water treatment needs. After a free water consultation, we are able to provide recommendations for the system(s) that have the greatest impact.

KineticoPRO Hydrus Series

Filtration Systems

Remove sediment and harmful chemicals, reducing the need for equipment maintenance and replacement while improving sanitization capabilities and system performance.

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ion exchange water system

Softener Systems (Ion Exchange)

Increase efficiency and equipment life by removing water hardness and dissolved metals that create energy-robbing scale and corrosion.

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KineticoPRO ROAX N-Series Reverse Osmosis System

Purification Systems (Reverse Osmosis)

Eliminate up to 99.999% of contaminants to ensure the purest water possible.

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Kinetico Luminor Blackcomb

Sanitization Systems

Protect against reduced flow, loss of efficiency, biofouling, microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC) and water-borne pathogens like legionella that can cause illness outbreaks.

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