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Contaminants in municipal water can impact your commercial property causing damage to building plumbing and water-using equipment, as well as diminishing the quality of your tenants’ experiences through odors, bad taste and sediment. With Kinetico Advanced Water Systems’ custom commercial water treatment services, you can remove these risks, avoid expensive repairs/replacements and improve your overall tenant experience.

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Why Water Treatment Services Are Crucial for Commercial Properties

Risk mitigation and reduced operational costs are two of the major benefits of proper water treatment for a commercial property. Protection against corrosion, sediment and fouling in the building plumbing and HVAC can prevent expensive repairs and replacements. Water-using equipment like dishwashers, coffee machines, toilets, sinks, etc., will last longer and operate more efficiently, saving thousands of dollars every year. Equipment protection is only part of the risk mitigation water treatment can offer. Providing safe and healthy water for consumption by tenants can help building owners and operators avoid expensive legal proceedings and retroactive responses in the event of tenant complaints and accusations related to water-causing illnesses.

Tenant Well-Being

Today, more than ever before, people have a heightened awareness of the dangers associated with their municipal water. The increased knowledge coupled with EPA’s reduction of PFAS allowable limits has people expecting their landlords and employers to provide safe, healthy, and delicious water for consumption and business-related purposes. Kinetico has the top-rated and most certified PFAS removal equipment in the world.

Equipment, Appliance and Piper Performance

Corrosion, sediment and fouling can lead to water damage, premature failure of HVAC equipment, equipment damage, tenant complaints and potential health risks for a facility. Any of these situations can result in costly repairs and replacements. They also can lead to customer claims related to damaged equipment and lost time. Every commercial facility should have an optimized water treatment plan to mitigate risk against water-related issues.

The Types of Commercial Properties Kinetico Can Benefit

All varieties of commercial properties will benefit from Kinetico Advanced Water Systems’ water treatment services.

Commercial Office Buildings

Offer improved water that’s healthier and safer for tenants and building systems

Cold Storage Facilities and Data Centers

Reduce utility costs while also minimizing downtime risks.


Provide laboratory-grade, customized water to ensure proper test results while also protecting lab equipment.

Doctor and Dental Offices

Save providers significant money and hassle by producing onsite high-purity water for patients and equipment like autoclaves and ultrasonic for a fraction of delivered water cost.

Sports Arenas

Reduce operational costs and improve guest experiences through both facility and concessions water system treatment.

Customized Water Treatment Solutions for Commercial Properties

Kinetico Advanced Water Systems has nearly 40 years of providing customized water treatment solutions for commercial properties. With hundreds of years of combined water treatment experience and state-of-the-art equipment, our team helps owners and property managers solve problems, minimize costs and improve the tenant experience.

KineticoPRO Hydrus Series

Filtration Systems

Protect piping, equipment, fixtures and appliances by removing sediment, foulant and chemical contaminants.

Explore Water Filtration Systems

ion exchange water system

Softener Systems (Ion Exchange)

Remove hardness and dissolved metals that create energy-robbing scale and cause under-deposit corrosion.

Explore Water Softener Systems

KineticoPRO ROAX N-Series Reverse Osmosis System

Purification Systems (Reverse Osmosis)

Eliminate thousands of contaminants including PFAS, PFOA, GENX, silica, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fertilizers, radiologicals, bacteria and heavy metals to deliver the purest water possible to tenants, processes and operations.

Explore Water Purification Systems

Kinetico Luminor Blackcomb

Sanitization Systems

Ensure that viruses, bacteria and microorganisms don’t compromise the safety of water consumed, nor create damaging and energy-inefficient biofouling on equipment.

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