Water Treatment Services for Restaurants

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Why Restaurant Water Treatment Matters

Municipal water supplies contain harmful contaminants that damage restaurant equipment and negatively impact the customer experience. For these reasons, prioritizing water quality in the highly competitive restaurant space is a significant competitive advantage. Kinetico Advanced Water Systems provides water treatment solutions tailored to your specific needs. Properly treating your water will save you money, improve taste, and extend the lifespan of expensive water-using restaurant equipment.

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The Benefits of Restaurant Water Treatment

Restaurant patrons are highly discerning and expect spotless flatware, clean glassware, high-quality table water, and crystal clear ice. Customers always notice when these standards are not met and they seek out other options that satisfy their expectations. Here are some examples of how a Kinetico water treatment solution will benefit your restaurant:

Flatware and Dishes

Prevent water spots and staining while also eliminating the need for secondary hand washing.

Water-Based Equipment

Increase the lifespan, productivity and cost-effectiveness of dishwashers, coffee makers and more.

Beverage Quality

Ensure the best possible flavor and consistency for beverage machines by utilizing high-purity water.


Minimize costs of expensive cleaning supplies, detergents, and labor through softened water.


Increase the speed and effectiveness of dishwashing equipment so your flatware and dishes are cleaner, faster.


Keep floors, tables and other surfaces as sanitary as possible.

Water Treatment Systems For Restaurants: The Kinetico Difference

No matter the type of food and beverage you offer, your restaurant and your patrons demand the best water possible. Kinetico Advanced Water Systems has close to 40 years of experience collaboratively leading water treatment solutions with state-of-the-art equipment. Our innovative and seamless solutions will benefit your business goals.

KineticoPRO Hydrus Series

Filtration Systems

Remove sediment and harmful chemicals—including chlorine, chloramine, and disinfection byproducts—that damage equipment, stain flatware and dishes, and adversely affect food and beverage flavor.

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ion exchange water system

Softener Systems (Ion Exchange)

Prevent hard water and dissolved minerals that create energy-robbing scale, water spotting, soap scum, and shorten equipment life. Dissolved minerals in water also significantly reduce the effectiveness of cleansers and detergents.

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KineticoPRO ROAX N-Series Reverse Osmosis System

Purification Systems (Reverse Osmosis)

Eliminate up to 99.999% of contaminants—including PFAS, PFOA, GENX, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fertilizers, radiologicals, bacteria and heavy metals.

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Kinetico Luminor Blackcomb

Sanitization Systems

Protect patrons from harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microbial organisms that if left untreated, can have dire consequences.

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