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Both municipal and well water supplies contain contaminants that limit utility facility uptime, equipment life, and cost-efficiency. For industrial and commercial facilities to maximize their investment and minimize their operational costs, Kinetico Advanced Water Systems provides customized solutions to eliminate contaminants, mitigate risks and maximize performance.

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Our Commercial Partners in Utilities

The Benefits of Kinetico Water Treatment Equipment

All water treatment equipment is not created equal. Kinetico’s innovative design has set the standard in equipment efficiency, effectiveness, and economics. Through our revolutionary twin tank, non-electric technology, Kinetico water softeners and filters are the most cost effective solutions in the industry. Whether you need consistent, high-quality water for clean steam generators, boilers, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, air compressors, or other utility applications, Kinetico has the equipment to meet your requirements.


Protect internal components from corrosion, scale, fouling, and inhibited heat transfer.

Cooling Towers

Prevent scale and fouling which will reduce equipment life, increase energy costs, and require additional chemical treatment.

Closed Water Loop Systems

Prevent damaging corrosion that can cause costly pipe repairs or complete replacement.

Clean Steam Generators

Reduce contamination risks and ensure greater adherence to operational regulations and standards.

Industrial Solutions for Utility Water Systems

Kinetico Advanced Water Systems delivers innovative solutions for your goals through seamless collaboration with your team. Our partnership comes with over 35 years of experience providing customized water treatment solutions and state-of-the-art equipment for industrial utilities.

KineticoPRO Hydrus Series

Filtration Systems

Remove sediment and harmful chemicals from feed water, lessening the need for maintenance, equipment replacement, and costly chemical treatment.

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ion exchange water system

Softener Systems (Ion Exchange)

Increase efficiency and equipment life by removing feed water hardness and dissolved metals that create energy-robbing scale and corrosion.

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commercial water system

Purification Systems (Reverse Osmosis)

Eliminate up to 99.999% of contaminants to ensure the purest water possible.

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Kinetico Luminor Blackcomb

Sanitization Systems

Protect against reduced flow, loss of efficiency, biofouling, microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC), and legionella.

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