Commercial Water Sanitization Systems

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Commercial Water Sanitization Systems

Water Sanitization Solutions for Any Industry

A commercial/industrial water sanitization system is the final step in your business’s total water management. With it, high-end, ultraviolet technology destroys bacteria, viruses and other microscopic organisms in your water system, while also halting their future reproduction and growth. If your business accesses water via a private well, these unwanted and undetectable microorganisms can infect it via leaking septic tanks, broken distribution pipes and more. Cooling towers, open water process loops, storage tanks, chilled water loops, swimming pools, spas and other water systems (even those supplied by a chlorinated supply) are susceptible to bacterial issues. These harmful bacteria can cause numerous problems, such as loss of efficiency through biofouling, premature equipment and piping failure due to microbiologically-induced corrosion and disease transmission, including Legionnaires’ disease. Adding ultraviolet sanitization to these systems reduces the risks of these problems while also saving money by reducing the amount of biocides that need to be added.

Commercial water sanitization can help you provide your customers, guests or whomever else you serve with the highest-quality water and products. As part of our commercial and industrial water sanitization solutions, we offer bacterial testing, system sanitizations and equipment preventative maintenance.

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Kinetico Commercial Water Sanitization Solutions

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Yearly Private Well Sanitization

If your business gets its water from a well, we recommend a top-to-bottom disinfection once a year for best results. This deep-clean includes:

  • Disinfecting the well head with chemicals
  • Stirring the well with pressurized water
  • Sending treated water back into your company’s water system

After letting the treatment sit for 24 hours, we’ll instruct you on how to flush the disinfectant chemicals from your water supply. Then, to ensure you have sanitized water, we’ll run a bacteria test.

Luminor Ultraviolet Disinfection System

Luminor Ultraviolet Disinfection System

This commercial water sanitization system attacks harmful microbes. Backed by a built-in surge protector and fuses, and a 365-day resettable lamp life counter (with 30-day replacement alarm), it helps you achieve the following goals:

  • Ensure virus, bacteria and parasite-free-water
  • Reduce planktonic microbiological counts without the use of chemicals
  • Disinfect 8-to-625 gallons of water per minute
  • Reach even higher flow rates by combining multiple systems

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Benefits of Commercial Water Sanitization from Kinetico

Whether you have a small commercial operation, a large industrial processing plant or anything in between, a custom sanitization solution to treat your water can help:

  • Remove current contaminants and prevent future ones
  • Ensure safe, high-quality water for every use
  • Achieve optimal water quality at a price point that works for you
  • Reduce risk of your biological prevention plan through lessened chemical handling and storage
  • Lower operational costs

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During your free water analysis, a Kinetico specialist will test the makeup of your water. Based on the results, we can then create and present a custom commercial water solution that suits your needs and budget.